“Dakar stories” with Saulius Jurgelėnas

Have you ever thought that in the deserts of the Dakar Rally, wandering around the dunes and looking for points hidden by the organizers can often make even the best racers dizzy? That’s why pilots often hug their co-pilots after reaching the finish line and thank them for a wonderful job. And what navigator could better explain all the twists and turns of the Dakar rally road book, tell about stones hidden in the sand, hot-blooded pilots and what price sometimes has to be paid for the mistakes made by the organizers, if not Saulius Jurgelėnas? On January 6, Saturday, Vilnius Automuziejus invites you to meet Saulium Jurgelėnas, to talk about his experience in the Dakar rally, to discuss the competitions that have started and to try to guess how this desert marathon will change in the future! S. Jurgelėnas will certainly help you to peel the pages of the road books in the museum exhibition “Dakar istories”, he will explain how terrible three exclamation marks are or what you will not be able to find in such a race document, and also what is better – a paper or digital road book. The event is free for museum visitors who have purchased a ticket!

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