Moto Stories on the Road 2024

Travel around Lithuania, get to know the history of motorcycles, collect points and become the winner of the motorcycle rally!
On May 11, we will start the engines in the Vilnius Auto Museum on the way to Moto history.
The guest of the event is RIMAS BRUŽAS, a man who combines journalism, history and motorcycling, who will share his motorcycle travel adventures.
The guest will be interviewed by journalist Marius Eidukonis.
During the event you will be able to:
👉 earn the first competition points,
👉 to meet the 2023 winner Jelena Polivoda
👉 discuss the rally rules with the organizers,
👉 chat with motorcycle enthusiasts,
👉 hear the most interesting motorcycle stories and see the most impressive travel shots,
👉 become a rally participant,
👉 to take part in a historical journey in the Vilnius Auto Museum with the legendary Werner, Wanderer, BSA, Indian, Harley Davidson and BMW R75.
The Moto History Path is an annual adventure-filled path for motorcycle tourists to discover, communicate and travel around Lithuania from May to October. The purpose of the rally is to explore various museums of Lithuanian transport equipment, where interesting stories are hidden – from the first motorcycles to today’s legends, acquaintances with motorcycle athletes and famous people who gave Lithuania a passionate history and legacy of motorcycling.
Moto has accumulated countless objects of interest along the path of history. Even if you don’t have a motorcycle or natural conditions do not allow you to travel on it, you can explore the map and plan trips around the Lithuanian Motorcycle History Museum.
The winners of the game will be awarded in the fall, at the LMSF gala event. The strongest Lithuanian athletes and motorcycle tourists will gather here.
The historical journey of the rally is organized by the Lithuanian Motorcycle Sports Federation and the biker club Forever Free MCC.
Let’s meet for the start!
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