Color the biggest Easter egg!

🥚🚗There has never been such an Easter!🥚🚗
Do you look forward to Easter every year, eager to dive into new discoveries in egg coloring? And what was the strangest Easter egg you had to color? 🎨
On April 1-7, we invite you to creative families
at Vilnius Auto Museum!
We have prepared an impressively sized wheeled “egg” for you. You won’t need to wrap it in a sock, boil it and fear that it will crack.
The Steyr 50 is ready for your unlimited artistic interpretations. And the funnest thing is that painting this “Easter egg” will unite many people in the common creative process at the same time.
More fun entertainment awaits museum visitors:
🐣 Excursions “Why are they so beautiful?”. We will reveal why cars became so colorful and different and when we “faded out”;
🐣 “Kahoot” quizzes and gifts for winners;
🐣 Trials of the legendary Ford Model T and the colorful history of Fordlandia.
🐣 Game for the whole family “Seklio’s Adventures in the Vilnius Auto Museum”. You will look for scattered polka dots and find out what the hidden letter codes hide.
Color life and Easter at the Vilnius Auto Museum!
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