Color expedition to the automotive world

Auto Museum Vilnius invites you to let more colors into your life, and on the last Saturday of November, go on an expedition of good mood and colors. The theme is inspired by the color and design history of our historic cars.
The event program:
Creation of the largest automandala and color atelier
Color expeditions with guides following the stories of the most beautiful “wheels”.
🛺What do the colors and design of the car “tell” about the era, the country and the people?
🛺When did H. Ford’s black color, which turned America into a “wheeled country”, start to bore consumers?
🛺What changes did the “roaring twenties” bring to the history of motoring?
🛺How did national car colors appear and why did they disappear?
🛺What stopped the color parade in the 1930s?
🛺When did “chromomania” take over the world and why is the 1960s called the era of car muscle building?
Expedition time:
“The world of colors: artists’ dialogue about creativity and the shades of life”
An unusual meeting with the painter Vilmantas Marcinkevičius and the artist Indra Marcinkevičiene, who has an exceptional color.
“Collecting is the way to a non-boring life”
Interview with the curator of the Auto Museum Vilnius, collector Alfredas Eitutis.
During the meetings, we will invite all visitors to join the conversation, ask questions to the interlocutors and find inspiration for a more colorful everyday life.
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