The Vilnius Auto Museum joins the Vilnius cold beet soup festival

On June 1, Vilnius Automuziejus joins the Vilnius Pink Soup Festival “VILNIUS PINK SOUP FEST”. May Vilnius be painted pink!

At Tymos market, we welcomed the citizens of Vilnius and the guests of the city with the ambassador of the museum’s cold beet soup– Steyr 50. Not known to everyone and not heard very much!? But if we’re already telling the curious what those cold bars are, then why not add one more story about the pink Steyr 50. Next to it, you will be able to record and hear the “tastiest” stories of the pink Austrian. Only 13,000 of these cars saw the world. Today it is a rare, collector’s item, just like our Lithuanian šaltibarščiai. Once considered the “Volkswagen of Austria” and affectionately known as the Steyr “Baby”. This cult car was produced for just four years, until World War II.

On the first day of summer, we will invite the visitors of the museum to discover all the colors of cold beet soup in the Auto Museum. Dill, eggs, beets, kefir, onion leaves – you will find all colors among the exhibits. All you have to do is select the ingredients and make legendary ice creams from legendary cars.

We will complement the festival with colorful tours in the Auto Museum, we will offer visitors tours of the world of car colors. We will tell you when they became so bright.

Tour times: 12.00-13.00, 14.00-15.00, 16.00-17.00

We will also present the cult Porsche 944 S2 convertible of Jogaila Morkūnas, the first influencer of cold beet soup in Lithuania.

And if you come to the museum on June 1 in pink clothes or in a pink car, we will add 10% to the standard ticket price. discount.

So let’s be delicious and colorful!

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