Contribute by donating 1.2% of income tax

Contribute to the preservation of historic vehicles in Lithuania – donate 1.2% to the “Vilnius auto museum” museum.
Your help to us is help to constantly improve the museum exposition, making it even more attractive for visitors!

You can do this until May 2 of the current year using the Electronic Declaration System (EDS).

Beneficiary identification code (number) – 306226436 .
Beneficiary name – VšĮ „Technikos istorijos”.

Partners of the museum

Without your help and support, the museum would not be what it is today. Are you sympathetic to historical techniques? Do you want to contribute to its preservation and exhibition? Let’s meet for a cup of coffee and to discuss the support for the museum’s activities.


Do you like culture, transport and interacting with people? We offer you to become part of a friendly team and gain a unique experience. Like the idea? Let’s meet for a cup of coffee!