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The Largest Museum of Historical Transportation Technology in Lithuania

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The Vilnius Auto Museum now resides in a remarkable location of industrial heritage – the former Vilnius Taxi Park dating back to the 1970s. Through meticulous reconstruction efforts, we have revived the depot’s original character, showcasing its unique architectural features alongside its primary occupants – automobiles.

In 2023, we opened the largest private museum of historical transportation technology in Lithuania to the public. The 110 distinctive exhibits from our private collection are each renowned for their high collectible value and authenticity, like works of art, telling the story of the world’s path towards motorised transportation from the carriages of the 19th century to today’s modern classics.

Vision, mission

Our purpose extends beyond the preservation, restoration and exhibition of historical transportation technology. We strive to be an inclusive, dynamic space for education and cultural dissemination, providing engaging and meaningful leisure activities for diverse audiences. Here, visitors can gain fascinating insight into various historical epochs, during which the automobile played an integral role in the evolution of art, science, and society.

About us


Don’t miss out on thrilling motorsport events, ranging from Dakar stories to the iconic Monte Carlo Rally. Embark on a journey through the evolution of 19th- and 20th-century transportation technology, uncovering fascinating historical facts and secrets along the way. Engage in our educational activities and become a co-creator of the Vilnius Auto Museum.