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History of the building

The Vilnius Auto Museum is located in an exclusive object of industrial heritage – in the old Vilnius taxi park, reminiscent of the 1970s, in the Naujininkai microdistrict. During the Soviet era, almost 800 taxis “buzzed” here, the taxi park administration, car repair workshops, car washes, garages, gas station and checkpoint operated here.

After Lithuania regained its independence, the taxi park was privatized and the entire building passed into the hands of many owners. The building was poorly maintained, constantly dirty. There were even thoughts of demolishing the building and building a commercial complex with offices, a hotel and a shopping center in its place.

In 2016, the new owners of the building decided to revive the historic taxi park and return to the former taxi park its old soul: the unique architecture of the building and the main inhabitants of the building – cars.

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