Ways to learn

Family visit

Families are very welcome guests at the Vilnius Auto Museum. After all, there is nothing more fun than time traveling through eras together. Go to the 19th century. the end, when the carriages turned into the first cars, to travel to the roaring twenties that shook the world, when automobile haute couture flourished, to walk around interwar Lithuania, to see World War II equipment together with Estonian and Lithuanian sports cars, to go to the racetracks.

The little petrol heads will be able to try the legendary Ford Model T, which turned the USA into a country on wheels, learn colors and numbers, look for secret doors in cars or simply dive into the world of coloring, toy cars or children’s books in the children’s area.

Teenagers in this museum will discover that learning history is not only very interesting, when the first creation of Ettore Bugatti, the “Delage” of the King of Nepal, the “Buick” of Antanas Smetona or the armored “Mercedes Benz 560SEL” that drove the leader of restored Lithuania Vytautas Landsbergis become teachers.

Each exhibit in the museum is presented as a work of art, so both big and small aesthetic connoisseurs will not be indifferent. Here, everyone will find the object of their attention through different stories about the development of technology, fashion, design, or the lives of famous figures in art, science, culture, business, and politics. Here, a unique piece of furniture becomes a vehicle, and the stories never end.

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