History of the museum

The idea of an Auto Museum is something we have fostered for a long time. Our goal was to create a world-class display that would captivate enthusiasts of technology, history and design from all over the globe. A significant part of the process involved establishing a one-of-a-kind home for the museum. The Vilnius Auto Museum now resides in a remarkable location of industrial heritage – the former Vilnius Taxi Park dating back to the 1970s. Through meticulous reconstruction efforts, we have revived the depot’s original character, showcasing its unique architectural features alongside its primary occupants – automobiles. In 2023, we opened the largest private museum of historical transportation technology in Lithuania to the public. The 110 distinctive exhibits from our private collection are each renowned for their high collectible value and authenticity, like works of art, telling the story of the world’s path towards motorised transportation from the carriages of the 19th century to today’s modern classics.

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